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Looking for a new read this Valentines? Find a sexy, romantic man to share the night with you from our character profiles.

Height: 6′ 2″

Hair: Curly, golden blond

Eye color: Moss green  

Distinguishing features: Forked tongue. Looks like a young sun god. He dresses in  casual clothes like Henley shirts and jeans

Snap absolutely adores his woman and calls her sweet names like “my peach” and “beloved.” He takes every opportunity to please her, whether it’s offering food he knows she enjoys or experimenting with new ways to satisfy her between the sheets. When she’s struggling emotionally, he’s always there to bestow cuddles and words of encouragement and love. And when she’s threatened, he doesn’t hesitate to bring out the monster inside him and shred the souls of whoever intends to hurt her.

“I’m looking after you in every way I can. No matter what I have to do. If it’s to defend my beloved, there’s nothing monstrous about that.”

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Ruarc from The Feral Souls Trillogy by Erica Woods

Ruarc and Hope from the Feral Souls Trilogy

Height: 7′ of pure power 

Hair: Black, chin length that he wears in warrior style

Eye color: Silver that never quite lose the shine of his wolf.  

Distinguishing features: Ruarc is huge and scarred and always wears black. His face is set in a permanent scowl that only ever breaks for his female. 

Ruarc is the grumpy to Hope’s sunshine. A possessive alpha male through and through, he’s rough, growly, and menacing, and he snarls at everyone except his woman. Her, he can’t get enough of, and he never wants to let her out of his sight. His need to keep her safe borders on obsessive; he’s addicted to feeding her, taking care of her, and destroying anything that brings her pain. 

“Anyone tries to take you from me . . . They’ll die.”

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Height: ‘Tall’

Hair: Shoulder length wavy brown

Eye color: ‘Pup’ brown 

Distinguishing Features: Tase enjoys dressing in pirate chic, and can often be seen in tight black leather pants, with loose, billowy shirts barely buttoned. Tase is often seen in a state of complete undress as he is not a fan of clothing.

Tase is loyal and territorial. He adores his herd and is ready and willing to be there for any one of them who needs him. He is very physically affectionate and has an adventurous streak (which is a nice way of saying there will be lots of public sex). Tase is also a fun date, willing to bring the woman he loves along to assist in the fun of his on-going prank war with the local selkie population.

“Don’t panic on me, babe. You’re my mate, and you’re amazing. I’m not going to play hard to get when I know unequivocally I am yours. I’m not expecting a response, but I want you to know, I mean it. I. Love. You.”

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Height: 6′ 6″

Hair color: Brown 

Eye color: Green  

Distinguishing features: Massive build, beard,

He’s a Priest of Protection. He dresses in all black (looks fantastic in a Victorian-esque style suit) and never forgets a weapon (usually multiple)

Wraythe is the glue that holds the harem together. Whether that’s letting his best friend’s boyfriend cuddle up with him or spoiling his girl, he’s happiest when taking care of others. He might be big and intimidating, but to those he loves, he’s really just a teddy bear.

“I love you,” he breathed, hugging me against his chest. “I will only love you like this, Nari.”

“Wraythe, I – “

“Shh,” he said, smoothing his hand down the back of my head. “I don’t want anyone else, and I don’t want you just for me. Maybe sometimes, like this, but I love you more because you love them too.”

“Well – ” I tried. But he murmured contentedly, cutting me off. “You’re supposed to love your guardian. It’ll happen, and when it does, I need you to know that I like it. I like the way you tie us all together. I love the way you make me feel. I just love you.”

“I love you too,” I breathed against his chest.

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Rion Teaser: Katie May

Height: ‘Tall’

Hair: Buzzed on the sides, slightly longer on top

Eye color: Dark as onyx stones. 

Distinguishing features: His muscular arms are sleeved in tattoos—everything from roses to wolves to lions. More tattoos are visible on his defined pecs, curving lower. Puckered lips and a lip ring complete the bad boy look.

Rion willingly allowed himself to be captured by his enemy and tortured in order to spend time with the FMC. He loves to make her laugh with his ridiculous antics, but if you hurt her, he’ll cut you limb from limb and then give the body parts to her as a present afterwards. He is fiercely protective of everyone in the harem, even though they’re his sworn enemies, and will move heaven and hell for them all. He also organized a romantic date night where he and the FMC drank wine and painted.

“I’ve never felt this way before,” Rion adds, taking another step closer. At this point, there is only a sliver of space between my lips and his. “You hold me in such a way that I don’t feel broken.”

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Height: Average

Hair: Dark and wavy

Eye color: Green

Distinguishing features: He’s an Italian sweetheart who likes to dress classy/casual mixed. Button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up are his signature look. 

Teaser Image Adell Ryan

The pre-dystopian world they fight hard to survive in makes keeping the romance alive a bit difficult, but Julian is always up for the challenge. Always going out of his way to turn water into wine for her by cooking amazing meals despite their hardships. He never ever hides how he feels about her, either. She always knows exactly where she stands with him.

“No woman has ever made me feel this way, cuore mio. When I look at you, touch you, think of you… I feel crazy.”

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Name: Ace 


Height: 6′ 6″

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Blue 

Special features: mystery swirling tattoos covering his chest and arms. 

All the men in Yaga’s Riders come from a special ops background, so we generally see them in combat pants and fitted tees with gun holsters. Ace comes from old Southern money, so he’d wear really nice jeans in his off-time, with a man sweater that looks casual but actually cost $300.

Asa’s very protective of Vasi’s well-being and comfort – more aware of her needs than the others, and VERY eager to please. Besides literally offering his heart on a platter, he’s been known to roast anyone to a crisp who stands against them and put a ring on her finger made from the bones of their enemies.

“Even with how madly in love with Tan I was, it couldn’t compare to my absolute obsession with Vasi. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I would give her anything. If my witch wanted my heart on a platter, I would cut it out myself, so allowing her to top me was a dream come true—especially if it pleased her.”

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Height: 6’2″

Hair color: Blond, but dyed green 

Eye color: Cobalt eyes 

Distinguishing features: Wears his orange prison uniform inside the Guardians, but a sexy, tight, black superhero outfit on missions that molds to every muscle and enhances his model-like good looks.

Book Cover Skylar Andra

Tor = Candy Boy who loves candy kink and brings it to the bedroom. This bad boy hustles and sells contraband inside the prison and spoils his lady. Whatever she needs, he gets. Better soap and shampoo. You got it babe! Comics, audiobooks, and rare nerdy game collectibles. No problem. He’ll even get into fights to get back her collectibles when stolen by other inmates. After Astra has her first lock up in solitary, he throws her a party with stolen party poppers and gin and tonic from the weapons department. Post argument, he throws a mean picnic, spending his stipend on prime prison treats: canned foods, crackers, crisps and candy. Prison food never tasted so good! Trust me: Tor is the man you WANT to play hide the soap with!

My heart drummed against my ribcage. Here goes. I’d never said this before; it was a big damn deal, and I’d been planning it for weeks. Rehearsing what I wanted to say. I reached out with the candy ring to ask her. “I couldn’t get you the real thing. So, this is the next best thing. A symbol of my commitment. If you want it.”

She sucked in a little breath as I slid it on her middle finger. Her eyes lightened as she admired the ring as if it were as precious as a diamond. “It’s perfectly Tor.”

Hell yeah, it was me. She was my candy girl. Forever. The candy ring was childish and probably wouldn’t last a week in this place, but at least my girl would know how I felt. How serious I was about her. The gifts were designed to show her I loved her but didn’t want to scare her off by telling her.

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LJ Swallow teaser

Height: 6’4″

Hair color: Dark brown that falls to his neck and sweeps across his forehead 

Eye color: Green that match the heroine’s.

Distinguishing features: He’s a casual dresser and normally wears black jeans, a grey T-shirt under his flannel shirt, and black boots

Heath is Death, and Death falling in love is unusual and romantic. He understands that Vee struggles with her new life living with the Four Horsemen and takes her back to her apartment to spend time with her in her human world. She’s worried her cat might be missing and he happily walks the streets shouting “Bacon!” in an attempt to find her cat (who they find with the neighbours) when the other guys were too embarrassed to do this. Then he takes Vee back to her apartment where they spend some ‘human’ time together. A little ‘netflix and chill’ for an ordinary evening away from chasing and killing the supernatural.

“I don’t need to pretend any more, Vee.”

“Pretend what?” Vee turns her head and our noses bump.

“Pretend you’re not inside my head every minute of every day.” I brush my lips against hers. “Pretend that I don’t crave you so fucking bad it consumes me.”

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Teaser Anita Maxwell and Adelle Ryan

Height: ‘Tall’

Hair color: Brown 

Eye color: Brown-green  

Distinguishing features: Reid has a lean but muscular frame and freckles over his face and chest. He’s a hard worker, so most of the time he is in his work uniform, but when he is off the clock, he is often seen wearing trendy hip-hop style clothing.

Reid is convinced Lainie is his twin flame and has been trying to nail her down for years even going as far as initiating a slow dance and jokingly — or not — proposing marriage every time they are together. He is always looking out for her best interests and never misses all the little things about her.

“You’ve had me since the day we met.”

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Height: 5′ 11″

Hair color: Dark brown/black

Eye color: Brown with gold flecks 

Distinguishing features: Enso has a slender yet muscular build. He’s a bad boy boxer with tattoos all over his bod, but has a dimple when he smiles. He’s always dressed in a muscle shirt, jeans boots and a leather jacket to complete the look.

Teaser B Livingstone

Enzo’s love is fierce, protective, and unconditional. Because his past is wrought with heartache and loss, he understands soul-deep pain. The kind that leaves scars which never fully heal. It makes him wary of others, but when he finally allows himself to connect with someone, it’s done so profoundly that you become his center, his grounding force. He won’t take you on a romantic picnic or buy you flowers, but he’ll hold you while you cry and banish your nightmares. He’ll punish those that try to hurt you and raze the world if it means protecting you. In one breath, Enzo will push you beyond your boundaries and make you question everything you thought you knew about yourself. While in the next, he’ll whisper sweet words of affection in your ear and remind you everyday that his heart, body, and soul belong to you. That he is yours and you are his.

“I died a little more with every day that passed for the last four years. Until I met you.”

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