Using this form will add your new release to our promo schedule. This includes our weekly and monthly newsletter (for the month and week of your release), our Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook page, as well as to the front page of this website. New releases that are the first in series (or a standalone) will also be displayed on this website’s Books page.

Our reach is about 80 000 readers a month – see the FAQ for more information.

Your submission will be looked over by our editorial team, verified, then scheduled for publishing. If the cover upload does not match what is asked, the submission will be deleted from the website, though it will still run across our socials.

We do not contact people when books are accepted/deleted, but if your book is not listed on our site after within day 3 of the month of your release, it was not added due to either wrong cover size/dimensions or other incorrect information.

Add your books up to one year in advance – but if you release date changes, you have to contact Charlotte Black before the 1st of the month of the old release date. 

Book Upload - New Releases

If you want your book promoted during its release date, you need to fill out this form BEFORE the 26th of the month prior. Any books added after this will be included in the newsletters and promotions for the month following their release.

Example: Your book releases December 13. This form needs to be submitted before the 26th of November. If you’re missing cover or link at this point, that’s fine, just fill it out and PM us with the details when you have them.

Only authors who have subscribed to our yearly promotions get their new releases promoted across our social media.
Example: Hunt of the Wild by Jenny Gray.
IMPORTANT: If your release date changes, you HAVE to let us know. If you push your release back and don't notify us, your release promotion will go out at the wrong date and you will not get another one when you actually release your book.
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Jpg only. To get your cover featured on the website, you HAVE to resize it to these dimensions: 810 (width) x 1215 (height) and then go to and upload your photo and download the smaller saving size. If your cover is larger than 200kb or doesn't match the dimensions, it won't be uploaded onto the website. For help, check out this tutorial:
Example: Hunt of the Wild by Jenny Gray
If there is only M/F in your book, please select "No FF" and "No MM" or your book will not displayed correctly when m/f is searched for.