Our monthly total reach is over 80 000. Here’s the breakdown:

Facebook Reader Group: 33 000. Our reader group is SUPER active. In it, we promote our website, newsletter, our book fairs (featured books) and host takeovers and parties (our yearly members get early access to the sign up sheet before it fills).

Facebook Page: 3k followers, 5k-7k monthly reach (not including ads)

Pinterest Monthly Views: 45.6k

Instagram Followers: 2278

Twitter Followers: 937

Website: over 6000 clicks on individual books a month (both inner book pages and straight to amazon clicks).

Additionally we have our Newsletter (our most popular feature after our FB group: Reverse Harem Readers) and a group ONLY for authors where you can ask questions and seek collaborations and talk strategy, marketing, and anything else you’d like.

By signing up for the yearly subscription (level 2), you will gain access to our website (with opportunities for features, interviews, and ads) and all your new RH releases will be featured on the home page. Your older first-in-series and standalones will be added to our Book page (dependent on package chosen).

You will also be invited to an exclusive FB group where we collect information for our weekly and monthly newsletters, where all your new RH releases will sent out. There are also opportunities to get an individual series newsletter (a newsletter to our weekly subscribers showcasing only one completed series). Additionally, we have active Twitter, Pinterest and Insta accounts where your book will be promoted on day of release.

All our members also get first dibs on promotions and events in the Reverse Harem Readers Facebook group.

There are opportunities to have teasers and flatlays promoted on social media through the month as well. We also run other promotions at different points throughout the year, such as newsletter automatons, takeovers in our large sister group on FB (reverse harem readers), bookbub runs and more!

When you sign up to a level 2 membership, you can select a package that best matches your RH publication schedule. There’s four different packages to choose from, and they determine how many new releases we will advertise for you in a year, and how many of your backlisted books we will host on our website’s book section. The packages are as follows:

Trial – 1 new release.  ($5)

Essential– Up to 2 new release per year. Up to 6 backlisted books hosted on our website. ($45)

Standard– Up to 5 new releases per year. Up to 12 backlisted books hosted on our website. ($95)

Premium– Up to 15 new releases per year. Up to 40 backlisted books hosted on our website ($145)

Unlimited– Unlimited new releases per year. Unlimited backlisted books hosted on our website. One completed series newsletter alert going out to our subscribers. One Featured Book ad placement. First choice of new promotions. ($245)

You pay for 1 year at a time and your subscription ends one year from date of payment.

If you refer an author, you will receive a free newsletter feature, a free Mystery Book feature, or a free Featured Book feature (one for each referee). If you refer 10 authors, you receive one free Unlimited package (1 year).

If you’re referred by another author, you receive a 15% discount on a Premium or Unlimited package. The author who referred you needs to contact us with your name and email, and you’ll receive a discounted invoice.

Only authors who’ve never before been subscribed to us can be referred. Only authors who’re currently subscribed can refer new authors.

When you fill out the form, you’re given a contact. She will add you to our exclusive FB group and help you get started. You’ll need to fill in a form for each book you want uploaded on the website, as well as new releases whenever you have them for us to promote.

No. All authors get one book-upload to our website regardless of their subscription status. Fill out this form to be included.

With the exception of this and the one time inclusion to our monthly newsletter, all other promotional services are only offered to yearly subscribers.

However, if you’d like an ad space on our website, that can be purchased separately, but members receive a 20% discount.

Contact us for questions or orders.

Once you’re a member of our exclusive FB group, you will see monthly forms to fill out. Follow the instructions there and your release will be promoted on our website, newsletter, and across all our social media.

You will still be included in our promotions, just fill out the forms like normal and PM your contact person the link as soon as your book is live. If you don’t have your link before our first of the month newsletter goes out, you will miss that one, but you will still be included in the weekly newsletter during your release week.

All your “first on series” or “standalones” will be featured on our “Books” page. All other books (those that are 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc etc in series) will be on our front page during their release month. You can also apply to have them featured on the “Featured Books” page (this comes with a fee) or in any of our sponsored ad spots. Completed series (besides being featured in our newsletter once a week — selected randomly from those applying) will eventually get their own page on this website.

We only promote RH books.

As long as one of you is a member, you can chose to use one of your spots to promote your co-authored book.

Yes. Audiobooks are not uploaded separately to the website, but they are promoted in our newsletter and across our social media.

You will be contacted and can choose to renew for another year. If you opt not to renew, you will be removed from our FB group, promotions, and all your books will be removed from the website.

Due to the ongoing nature of our services, no refunds are offered once a subscription has begun.

Do you have questions not covered here? Check out our Contact page.