I made a promise.
Mom demanded only one thing from me before she died—go to her sister in Maine and find comfort with the only family I had left. But, from the moment I laid eyes on Paradise Inn and my terrified aunt, my mistake was undeniable.
This place isn’t an inn, and it’s far from paradise. Instead, it’s home to the Wreckers, and my quick-tempered Uncle Joss is the president of this violent gang of strangers. There are rules I need to learn, but the most important is to keep my mouth shut. I have a front row seat to how depraved these men are, and how low they’ll sink to get what they want.
Just when I’ve run out of hope, three Wreckers come to my rescue. Hades, Pistol, and Viggo are my heroes with dark pasts and darker plans, tempting me in ways I never imagined.
Soon, passion turns into something deeper, and I’m faced with a choice.
Do I let myself love these men I can’t quite trust?
Or do I ignore my heart and expose the Wreckers’ secrets?


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