Psychotic wolf-witch hybrid on the loose.
Aurelia Clementine is about to make this new pack her b*itch!

I, Aurelia Delianna Clementine, used to have all my screws intact as the strongest — and sole hybrid — of the Clementine family. With magic that could destroy New York with a snap of my fingers, it’s a good thing my inner mini-wolf had more sanity than me, especially after I lost a chunk of myself when I was rejected by my best friend.

That incident destroyed the future I envisioned for us, but now I’m living my best life with my bestie CEO, Willow De Luca, and her stalker “not my boyfriend” Onyx Charm. When two new packs enter New York, I decide to have some fun with them, but I never expected to meet him again: Ace Hunter.

My former best friend — or should I say, my destined mate who rejected me?

In a world of darkness and threatened power lineages, I’ll have to prove to him and his dangerous pack that I’m not the same helpless hybrid he abandoned way back then.
I may be crazy, high on happy pills, and talk to myself from time to time, but I’m more powerful than ever before.

It’s time for him to face the consequences of breaking a Clementine.


“Why’d you come back so soon?” I whispered and couldn’t help briefly tugging on his bottom lip. I wouldn’t admit it to his face, but I did miss him.


“You said it yourself,” he whispered against my lips. “I missed my kitty cat.”

“Well, I’m sure it ain’t mine because I haven’t had time to shave. So unless you want to get lost in the valley of pussy, best take a rain check and come back when the magical world is ending.”

“You realize I have more reasons to come to NYC aside from saving the magical world?”
“Aww, really?” I drawled like I was absolutely shocked. “Then why else would you be here? Don’t say for me because I’ll automatically assume you’re bullshitting me.”

He actually chuckled. There was his sinful smirk that always got every witch – and a few wizards – swooning like horny teenagers.

“For a woman I like to call Aura,” he suggested.
“Well, damn. That girl sure is lucky to have you lusting over her. Too bad my name is Aurelia.”
“The ‘eli” is silent,” he reasoned with an added wink.

“Smooth,” I praised. “Am I supposed to lie on that desk over there, spread my legs, and say ‘Come hither for the grand prize,’ smooth-talking wizard boy?”


“I prefer to be acknowledged as a man but if ‘wizard boy’ gets me eating you up like cotton candy, then I’ll gladly compromise.”



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