I found a strength I hadn’t known I possessed… now it’ll be tested beyond measure.

After a grueling trip to the healing pools, we returned to another grimalkin attack. The horror and hurt of the assault ignites the awakening wildness inside me. I might not be an alpha — despite what people are calling me — but I’ll protect this pack to my dying breath. My very soul demands it.

Of course, my soul also demands that Cyrus is my mate.

We’ve crashed together, our passion overwhelming us, but duty inevitably pulls him away. That leaves my soul achingly incomplete, despite the loving attention of my fated mates, Bishop and Knox.

But I have no time to figure things out. The assassin who almost killed Bishop is still on the loose, Sterling is haunting my dreams again, and a darkness is growing inside me…

…a darkness that could save us all or destroy me and the men I love.

Wolf Decided is the sixth and final book in the Ensnared by the Pack series, an action-packed paranormal romance featuring possessive wolf shifters and a wounded heroine discovering her strength who doesn’t have to choose.


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