My heat is back and there’s no escaping it…

I was foolish to think I was back in control of my body, and now the heat I shouldn’t have had in the first place has returned, burning into a dangerous fever that threatens my life.

I can’t beat it alone. I need the guys.

Except our relationships are still uncertain and I don’t know if I count on them? Knox is still furious at me for accidentally mate-bonding with him, Cyrus wants nothing to do with me, and while things with Bishop are good, our relationship is still new. And very fragile. Just like me.

This new realm is changing my body in unpredictable ways and I’m afraid I’m not strong enough to survive.

But I have to.


This is my chance at a new life, and I refuse to give up. I’ve already escaped a man-eating monster. I can escape a fate that says a powerless shifter is a worthless shifter.


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