Betrayed by my fated mate and bound to a stranger.

I thought finding my fated mate would change my life. I’m a wolf shifter who can’t shift, the lowest member of my pack, forced into servitude, and when I hear the fated mating call I think things are finally going to change.

Then my mate rejects me and serves me up as a sacrifice to a monster.

Bloody and broken, I run for my life, straight into the arms of three gorgeous brothers…

…and into an accidental mate-bond with the surliest of the lot.

Knox is powerful and angry and wants nothing to do with a weakling like me or our bond. But it’s too strong and while he can reject me — and does — he can’t break it. Despite that, I’m still drawn to him… except I’m also attracted to his brothers. Which makes no sense. The mate-bond should leave no room for desire for anyone but Knox. But I can’t deny that all three brothers call to me in ways I’ve never felt before. And they seem to be warming up to me, too, welcoming me into the pack, giving me shelter, and maybe more…

Except that’s just a fantasy. I couldn’t trust my fated mate and I can’t trust the brothers. All I can do is trust myself and if I finally want my freedom, I have to break an unbreakable bond.


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