Four dragon shifter princes pursue me in a competition to see who can catch me first.
If they think I’m an easy target, they’re wrong. I’m an assassin who’s looking for them.

I’m also a noble daughter of the Aureate Court, but I prefer my secret life in a world of mercenaries and thieves. As a child, I never questioned why my mother allowed this and I happily lived away from court. As an adult, I’ve found myself in a delicate situation with a seductive dragon prince and discovered the truth.

My family hid me from the lethal dragon elders because I contain the essence of their Ebon Queen.

Somebody needs to explain how and why, because I’m no longer hidden, and four smoldering hot dragon princes are hunting me.

Cam, the Sapphire Prince who claims he’ll keep me safe, Eli the seductive Ivory Prince, and Emerald Prince Luc who’s the more diplomatic of the four. Velanor, the ambitious Ruby Prince, would happily see me die because I embody the flight that killed his people.

Whoever returns me to the elders first earns prestige, and Velanor intends to win their competition by any means necessary. Unfortunately for him, his victory comes at a cost and creates a situation neither of us want.

Can the other princes protect me? Because If I truly do contain the soul of the Ebon Queen, and I unleash her magic to defend myself from Velanor and the elders, I’m unsure who’s in the most danger.

Them or me.

Wings of Ruby and Flame is the first in the dragon shifter romance series Dragons Reborn. If you like morally gray, growly and possessive royal heroes, fated mates, enemies to lovers, slow burn to steamy scenes, and a strong heroine who doesn’t have to choose her prince, scroll up and download today.


“Do you often walk away leaving your women unsatisfied?” I ask.

Vel spins around and strides back over, ruby eyes flaring with fury. My taunting has gone too far; I shrink back and prepare for an assault as he looms over me. Firm hands grip my thighs, and Vel yanks me to the edge of the bed, dropping to his knees. I kick out at him, bewildered, and Vel catches my ankle. I’m pulled further forward as he hooks that leg over a shoulder.

The bewilderment grows when he lowers his head, and that shifts to shocked surprise as he swipes his tongue the length of me before sucking on my clit. Involuntarily, I gasp out and buck against him, and his laughter sends more thrills through. 

I’m held firm to the bed by a massive hand on my belly, his mouth and tongue relentless. I grasp onto his long hair, and writhe against his face as his fingers push back inside, pressing on a spot that almost undoes me completely.

I begin to murmur as the pressure builds, grinding harder against his face as he teases me higher. I’ve never had a man go down on me so expertly, so focused, or send me towards losing control this quickly. The orgasm takes hold suddenly and I cry out, moving against him as he holds me firm and continues to pleasure me as my muscles clench around his fingers. Vel’s tongue doesn’t relent, until I’m pushing at his head, unable to take any more.

“Vel,” I pant out. “You’ve proved your point.”

His mouth and hands leave me as he kneels up and then over me, caging me with his arms, hands on the bed either side of my head. 

Vel’s face glistens. “I never leave a woman unsatisfied,” he growls. There’s no possibility I can feign disinterest now or ever again and I struggle to even my breathing as he looks down on me. “But I was fucking tempted to stop just before you came and leave you.” 

My body shakes with the pleasure still rushing through me, completely at his mercy right now. I choke a shocked sound as his hand holds my throat again, bared teeth close to my face. 

“If you tell anybody about any of this, next time I’ll make you scream and not for the right reasons.” He squeezes my neck in a final warning and hauls himself to his feet, gaze roaming over my naked body. “So fragile, Aurelia.”

Leaving behind the veiled threat, Vel walks from the room.

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