Dive through the looking-glass into a Wonderland that’s lush, exhilarating… and deadly.

Five steps to getting over a nasty break-up:
1. Inherit a mini-castle from your reclusive grand-aunt.
2. Fall through a mirror into a decadent upside-down world.
3. Get to know the smoking-hot locals. Prickly Hatter. Playful Chess. And the passionate White Knight… Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, right.
4. Discover you possess powers that could win a rebellion against a tyrannical queen.
5. Keep a tight hold on your head—and your heart.

When I tumbled into Wonderland, I only wanted to escape the epic mess my life had become. I’m not sure I can trust anything in this bizarre, intoxicating place. But the three incredibly enticing men I’ve met here might need me even more than anyone back home ever has.

Maybe a little heroism is all it’ll take to heal my wounds and theirs. As long as the Queen of Hearts doesn’t come for our heads first…


The question fell from my mouth before I could catch it. “Why don’t you like me?” It sounded so pathetic that I winced inwardly. Hatter blinked, his jaw twitching. “Sorry,” I said. “I shouldn’t—” “No,” he said. “What makes you think I don’t ‘like’ you?” It was my turn to blink at him. “You wanted me to leave. It seems to make you grouchy that I’m here, that I want to talk about anything that’s going on or anything to do with my grand-aunt. Sometimes I think we’re okay, but then— I don’t really know what I’m doing here, or what’s normal. If I did something that offended you or I’ve crossed a line or something, I apologize. You could just tell me.” He was still studying me with an inscrutable expression. At least he didn’t look pissed off anymore. “Why would you care what I think of you anyway?” he asked. I opened my mouth and closed it, my throat constricting. But that was a fair question. If I was asking him things like that, the least I could do was answer honestly first. “I just—” I looked down at my hands. Oh, come on, Lyssa. Gripping the arms of the beach chair, I tugged it around so I was facing him straight on. “Why wouldn’t I care?” I said. “I like you, okay? I mean, as much as you’ve let me get to know you. I like… that you offer little acts of kindness without making a big deal out of it, and that you don’t mind showing you’re annoyed when you are, and how much you obviously care about Doria. I like that you can joke around when you let your guard down. Out of everyone in this crazy place, you’re the person who feels the most real, and I need that, so if I’ve put my foot in it without realizing or—or…” I lost track of my words when I met his eyes again. Something in his face had brightened without an actual smile, but those eyes had darkened to a hungry shade that touched me like fingers being trailed over my skin. A shiver of anticipation raced through me, even though he hadn’t made any move to really touch me at all. His voice came out in its usual light tenor, without the slightest edge. He sounded almost amused. “And all it would take to make you happy is for me to like you?” My pulse skipped a beat. This wasn’t that crazy, was it? Even if it was, didn’t I owe it to myself to do at least one truly crazy thing in the short time I was here? I scooted to the edge of my chair. “You know,” I said, “I think I’ll aim a little higher than that.” Leaning in, I curled my fingers around his silky tie and tugged him to me. I didn’t have to pull very hard. Hatter met me halfway, his mouth colliding with mine and his fingers teasing into my hair, and God almighty, I didn’t give a shit whether he liked me or not if I could have him like this. No one had ever kissed me like Hatter before.

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