Where do you turn when the world knows your deepest, darkest secrets?

Now that the world knows I’m in love with four men, we have to face the repercussions of that fact. When the entire world knows what you do in the bedroom, the scrutiny is intense.

As everything comes crashing down around us, it feels as though very few things are going right. The only comfort I have is from the men I love more than life itself, who I know will be by my side through it all.

I thought there were no more secrets, but when a new one emerges, and the rest of the world finds out, I don’t know if I can survive the pressure. I’m worried that I might crack no matter how well my men try to hold me together.

Wicked Betrayal is the final book in the Something Wicked trilogy, a steamy romance series that tells the story of Lexi Sullivan and her relationships with the band members of Wicked Stallion.


“Get dressed, Alexandra.”
“Yes, Sir.”

I pick the clothes up from the dresser where I dropped them and pull my trousers on. As I’m pulling my top over my head, the vibrator in my panties turns on, and I gasp in surprise. Logan turns it right up, and I moan loudly as I adjust my top.

Logan turns the vibrator off and says in a husky voice, “Just checking that works. I’ve set it so that it doesn’t go to sleep until it’s been out of use for four hours. The app will send you a notification when it’s running out of battery and needs to be charged. At that
point, you’ll need to switch it for the other one and connect to it on the app as well.”

I nod my acknowledgment of his words, and he pulls me against him for a hug. He presses his lips against mine and kisses me passionately. As we pull apart, he grins wickedly at me.

“You didn’t even look in the mirror before you got your top on, Alexandra.”

I blink at him for a second, then my mouth drops open because I’d forgotten that he wrote on me during our scene. He was careful when washing me not to scrub my chest
so the writing would remain there.

I stride over to the mirror, lift my shirt, and take in my appearance. There I am, Lexi Sullivan, hair a complete mess, lips swollen from kisses, looking freshly fucked, and wearing dirty panties. With two words scrawled across my chest…


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