A desperate and flighty former slave with a secret. Six demons who aren’t ready to let her go. Can they save each other from an enemy who wants her back and them dead?

When the demon clan and I were thrown back together, they let me know how much they hated me for what I did to them, but somewhere along the way, things began to change. Harsh words turned to the whispers of lovers. Bruising fingers became caresses that made my body and mind sing. They wanted me to stay, and I was ready to.

It’s funny how one tiny piece of information can alter the entire trajectory of your life in a moment and change your priorities in the blink of an eye. But they never did ask what I was running from when I screwed up their lives the first time, and I have a new reason to make sure I’m never taken back to him.

Yep, life used to be simple, but things never go the way you think they will, at least not in my world.

Vipers and Vendettas is the FINAL book in the Vengeance Aforethought series. If you like strong yet vulnerable FMCs, hot-as-sin incubi antiheroes who would raze more than one world for the woman they love to hate, enemies to lovers, and ‘who did this to you’ moments, this series is for you!


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