A conwoman with a past. Five hot incubi who HATE her. A prison inside a mountain. Will these demons’ desires for revenge destroy the one woman who could save them?

I’m a thief. A liar. A con artist. Look, nobody’s perfect and we’ve all got a past.

I’ve been running from mine for a long time and it was about to catch up with me. So I hid where no human would dare go: a supermax prison for all the baddest supes.

When a clan of incubi I had a soft spot for (and might have stolen a ton of cash from) arrive and start searching for me, it’s time to bounce. Except I can’t just walk out the door because there isn’t one.

Maddox, Iron, Axel, Jayce and Daemon say I ruined their lives and they need my help. They say I’m theirs. But I know a con when I see one and they’re not going to trick me for revenge!

Looking out for number one is the only way to survive and I always land on my feet. But what happens when feelings I don’t want make me wish for a life I can’t have?

Villains and Vengeance is book one of the Vengeance Aforethought Trilogy, which continues in the same universe as the Desire Aforethought series. If you love hot, dangerous, morally grey, alphahole demons who know what they want, a sassy heroine full of fire and vulnerability, and ‘who did this to you?’ moments, this book is for you!


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