My world tour with Wolf Venom is over. We survived.


What better way to celebrate than with a trip to a tropical island and a romantic single date with one of my guys?

But it’s me. Of course nothing goes smoothly.

Exploding yachts and crazy kidnappers interrupt our working vacation.

This time, I may not get out alive.

Rock stars. Girls. Drinks. And one week on an island.

What could be better?

Welcome to IslandFest, a seven-day rock and roll experience with dozens of bands from around the world, and over a hundred thousand fans.

In the tropical heat, with gorgeous musicians and stunning beachgoers, things are bound to get sticky

… in more ways than one.

**This is a Wolf Venom/ Saving Abbie RH tie-in novella. You don’t need to have read books 1-6, but it’s recommended.**


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