Never stop surviving.

For as long as I can remember, this has been my life. Be who they want, do what they want, and keep their attention on me. If all they see is me, the other girls are safe, making it all worth it. I would do anything to keep them from going through what I have.
Over the years, I’ve changed hands and owners. I’ve lied, killed, and fought, but the goal is always the same.

Shut it all down.

Five of the six trafficking rings are gone now, and I’m close to achieving the goal that has kept me going for so long.
But as it often does, life has other plans, and for the first time ever, I’m on the outside.

I’m free.

Too bad I have no idea what to do with this freedom.
With nowhere to go and no idea how to take down the last ring from the outside, I find myself going home with the police chief’s wife.
There I find Roderick, Spencer, and Zander, the same three who pulled me from the pit two nights ago.

Apparently, Vengeance runs this city, and it just so happens we have a common goal.

The more we work together, the more I see what a future of freedom could be, and the harder it is to keep that goal a priority. Not just for me but for them.
But I’ve worked too hard to give up, and if I have to go back to shut it down, I will.

And nobody and nothing can stop me.


“Kratos kills people he doesn’t like.”

Spencer tells her point blank, and I shoot him a glare.

Great. Now she’s going to be freaking out about that. Normal people don’t just kill people, and he knows that.

I’m wrong again, though.

If anything, Jade only seems more interested after Spencer’s comment, and I find myself wondering who the hell this girl is again. “Oh, tall, dark and dangerous. Definitely Daddy material.” She says, and I can see the mischief dancing in her eyes. Eyes that she still has locked on Kratos.

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