Witch for hire Roxy isn’t used to feeling lost or being alone, but that’s where she is when she accepts her sister Kelly’s new life is on the other side of the world.

A visit to Kelly for her birthday only makes it worse. Turning to alcohol and magic as ways to fill the emptiness, Roxy awakens with an unhealed vampire bite and no memory of how it happened.

The bite marks her as bait for every bloodsucker she runs into, and she runs into a lot of them while she searches for the one who bit her. Soon, she finds herself on the trail of a dangerous killer.

Only trouble is, a notorious vampire and his nest are on the same trail, and they’d really rather she wasn’t getting in their way. Faced with the prospect of fighting a second enemy to get to the killer, or joining forces, Roxy needs to get over some serious trust issues and ignore how brutally hot her new allies are to get out of this mess intact.

Vampires are the enemy. All she needs to do is remember that …


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