I finally have my memories, finally know what happened in Russia, and it’s not good.

Our enemies already have a jump on their plans, and I’m not sure if we have enough time or manpower to take them down. But we have to try. I have to try.

Not all my memories are nightmares. I remember all the love and time spent with Dameon, which solidifies my relationship with him, but I’ve grown to love Finn, Coal and Jace too. I can’t give them up. I won’t. Will they accept that—accept each other?

The clock is ticking, and we need to move fast. We need rogue agents to join our fight despite everything that is currently broken. We have to stop the bad guys in time to fix everything they have torn apart. And I need to get revenge on those that hurt my loved ones.

Can we come together as a team before time runs out and nothing is left?


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