My father tried to break me, but I’m stronger than he knows.

In a world where alphas, betas, and omegas all enjoy equal rights, I am trapped. For the past two years, my abusive father has kept me locked away while he tries to force my heat and sell me off on the black market. Just when I’ve resigned myself to this horrific fate, I’m saved.

Going to live with my brother at school, I’m determined to work through my trauma and figure out what the hell it means to be an omega after years of brainwashing. I find myself befriending and unexpectedly falling for an amazing pack, but I can’t help feeling equally drawn in another direction. As terrorist groups emerge and omegas start to disappear, I worry I’ll be taken back to the very hell I just escaped. Confused, overwhelmed, but determined to find my strength, everything is…fine.

Until suddenly, it isn’t.


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