There are three rules at Unicorn Shifter Academy.

1. Keep unicorns a secret.
2. Never compare horn sizes.
3. No girls allowed.

Whoopsie. I broke all three.

You’d think that unicorn shifters would be chicks, right? Yeah, me too, but turns out unicorns are always males.

Until me, that is.

I’ve never shown a drop of magic in my life, even though I’m from a family of powerful witches. Well, my parents had the grand idea of performing an awakening ceremony courtesy of Fortune Academy’s best and brightest… and I think it worked a bit too well. Imagine their surprise when I sprouted a horn. A FREAKING HORN.

Not. Cool.

Turns out there was some serious rainbow hanky-panky in my family history and now the unicorn shifters are pissed off I’m in on their secret community.

Seriously, spilling the magic beans is the least of my worries.

Being a unicorn means bonding with seven other shifters for life—a life I never asked for. And since I’m the first girl in a male-only tradition, I expect this could cause some serious problems, especially because these guys are obsessed with me right off the bat. Like overly protective to the extreme. A girl can take care of herself, you know?

Thing is, we better get our act together because this Academy isn’t just for show. Unicorns are the only creatures who stand between good and evil on a cosmic scale. A monster lurks in a terrifying pit in the center of the Enchanted Forest.
And it looks like somebody let it out.

The clock starts now to trap the beast before it eats my home realm as a snack. I’ve got my big girl panties on—even if they are rainbow-colored.


This was absolutely unprecedented. 

I stared at the gorgeous female who had sprouted the largest, most elegant golden horn I’d ever seen in my life.

Her body pressed against mine as she still wavered from the impact of awakening her inner power.

And as a unicorn, her power was unprecedented. I needed to return her to the only realm that could contain our brand of magic before it consumed her.

She groaned, the sound going straight to my dick.

Then she leaned into me, clearly dizzy, but her breasts brushed my chest and her breath kissed my neck. Goosebumps immediately sprouted over my arms.


“Don’t move,” I warned her as I gripped her shoulders. It forced her to stay close to me, but also assured me that she couldn’t do that horrible and wonderful thing again.

An unfamiliar but unmistakable tingling of lust stirred in my gut, startling me.

Because I wasn’t supposed to feel sexual energy.

Unicorns weren’t permitted to feel desire of any sort, until we gave up our magic, of course. That was because our magic ran on purity and selflessness. Like all unmated Unicorn Shifters, I’d given my soul to the Unicorn’s treasure hoard to amplify our power and to protect my own gifts. It gave me the benefit of not having to deal with sexual energy or distractions, which made my feelings now all the more disturbing.

But I liked it…

And that frightened me most of all.

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