I’d always wondered what it would be like to have a family. I just never expected to find
it with five mysterious strangers who have more secrets than I could ever imagine.

Getting a scholarship to Evergreen University and majoring in premed means I need to
keep my head down and focus on my studies. But campus is full of distractions…

The football god with his golden retriever charm. The tortured one with his vicious
tongue. The broken boy with his determined protectiveness. The merciless billionaire
with a penchant for spoiling me. And the genius professor with his brilliant mind.

They make me feel like I belong for the first time since my parents were murdered. And
when they touch me, my whole world sparks to flame.

But they have enemies. Those who would give anything to harm what they hold dear.
And while they’ll do whatever it takes to keep me safe, sometimes falling in love will put
you right in the line of fire…


“Come on, Little Flame, scared I’ll bite?”

Yes. I was scared he’d do more than bite. And I was scared I’d get addicted. But I found myself nodding anyway.

There was a flash of white teeth against the pulsing lights of the club, and I had the sneaking suspicion I’d just made a deal with the devil.

Cillian tugged me away from the bar, and I hurried to set my drink on the counter. He didn’t struggle to make his way through the crowd. People parted for him. Maybe it was his size, maybe it was the cold calculation that always seemed to live on his face, but everyone simply moved out of his way.

He came to a stop in the middle of the dance floor. The song changed to a more sultry tune. It still had a heavy bass, but it was slower paced. He pulled me into him, his hard, muscular body pressed against my softer one.

My heart raced as I looked up into those dark green eyes. “I kissed Knox.”

There was the faintest twitch of Cillian’s lips. Or maybe I just imagined it.

“I know.” Cillian swayed our bodies to the beat as if he’d been dancing all his life.

My eyes widened. “You…know…”

He nodded slightly. “I know.”

“I didn’t take Knox for a bragger,” I muttered. But maybe it was for the best. Everything was out in the open, despite the fact that I was feeling a pull toward all the men who lived in that house. Maybe I had a sex addiction I didn’t know about.

“He’s not,” Cillian said. “But we needed to know.”

My brow furrowed. “Why?”

Cillian’s fingers teased the bare skin of my back, sliding beneath the shirt to my waist. Each swipe of his callused thumb sent a cascade of sparks across my skin.

“We’re different, Little Flame.”

My breaths came quicker, and I was struggling to keep hold of each inhale.

“Different?” It was the only word I could seem to get out with my body going haywire under Cillian’s touch.

He leaned closer, curving his body around mine so I was engulfed. His head dropped to my ear. “What do you think it would be like to have five men devoted to your every need?”

Cillian’s fingers skimmed along my waist, tracing some sort of intricate design. My core tightened, and each exhale left me in a sort of pant.

“Every want?” he pushed, his lips skimming my ear.

My mind swam with possibilities and images. Every part of my body flushed hot as I tried to get my brain to function properly. “Easton and Maddox don’t even like me.”

Cillian chuckled darkly, the vibrations sweeping through me. “Oh, they like you, Little Flame. They just don’t want to let themselves.”

My breaths came faster, in quick pants.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he said, his thigh sliding between my legs, the friction almost making me cry out. “They have their reasons. But they won’t be able to resist for long.”

Cillian’s thigh shifted as he moved our bodies to the beat. I couldn’t help the soft mewl that escaped my lips.

He growled in my ear in response. “So sensitive.”

I bit the inside of my cheek, trying to get my body under control. “Does Knox know?”

Cillian pulled back a fraction, his eyes hooded. “Does he know that I’m going to take you to bed sometime soon and fuck you so hard you’ll feel me for days? Yes, Little Flame, he does. And he likes it.”

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