Olivia just finished college, with interviews lined up all around the world, promising a fresh start. But the past still clings to her, and when she returns to her hometown, a corrupt judge makes her a deal. Three months—she must trade three months of her life, doing whatever he asks, to save her father. Three months to save a life. How can she say no?

Brody’s life was destroyed by an accident that didn’t feel so accidental. It definitely wouldn’t have happened if Olivia hadn’t left him, vanishing without a trace. Now he’s got her back, with the help of his grandfather, the local judge. Brody’s got big plans for Olivia, a million and one ways to make her pay for everything she did. But his own rage isn’t enough. He’s brought along three friends to help him carry out his revenge, and they all have their own reasons to blame the women who betrayed them.

One thing is for sure—no one will be the same when the summer ends. And Olivia’s reason for running… he’s still out there, and he’s been waiting a very long time to finish what he started.


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