For the first few years of my life, I have been nothing but a Dragon’s Girl – someone paid for hire.

Until I’m propositioned an offer I can’t refuse.

Now married, I finally believe I’ll get a fairytale happily-ever-after. Jokes on me, right? When my abusive husband turns up dead and my step-daughter finds herself in the hospital, I become the prime suspect in a murder case.

The thing is…I didn’t murder my husband. Nor did I harm my bratty step-daughter (who happens to be the same age as me).

And I think the real murderer is going to come after me next.

With the help of my sexy-as-sin law professor, my kind neighbor, the quiet and dangerous Phillip, and an energetic police detective, I might just uncover the truth of my husband’s murder.

If I don’t get killed first.


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