He almost killed me this time.


All the struggles have made me tough, but I will come back stronger.

Opening up did not go as planned, and my feelings are all over the place. I finally found someone to rely on, someone who is made for me.

So why can’t I stop thinking about his two best friends?

Despite all the warnings, my search for the truth continues. I need to know what happened the night my parents died, even if I might meet the same fate.

With hints of involvement from people I least expect, I will have to fight harder than ever for myself and my family. And if I fail—the consequences could be deadly.

Is my need for justice worth jeopardizing my new life? Or will my path to the truth be the last twist of the knife?

***TOUGH SOUL is the final installment of the Memento Vivere Duet by Blake Black. A slow burn, spicy ‘why choose’ contemporary romance. Contains violence, graphic killing, bad language, and sexual content. Some parts may be triggering.***


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