Sadie Lewis never thought she’d be signing up for a paranormal matchmaking agency.


But some exes are so terrible you need a little help to get them off your trail.


That’s where the Wolf Council comes in, four domineering alphas matched specifically for her situation.


It was supposed to be a simple business arrangement. But one look at her bosses and that all goes out the window…along with her panties.


Not only are they the most irresistible and formidable wolves on the planet, they’re also convinced she’s their fated mate. They’ll do anything to prove it to her and to protect her. No matter what—or who—they have to sacrifice to make it happen.


But enemies don’t always make friends, and when her past comes back with a vengeance, Sadie will need to reclaim her inner strength and show everyone exactly what happens when you mess with a boss witch.

Tied to the Wolves is a mmfmm why choose romance standalone where our heroine gets all the love and men she deserves. Filled with steamy scenes, a fated romance for the ages, and a comeback to root for, this book is suited for mature audiences.


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