Thief of Silver and Souls


What if it takes a monster to save a kingdom?

I’ll never forget the sight of my little sister’s lifeless body—or that my rogue magic killed her.

Sorcery like mine is punishable by death. So I live in the shadows, stealing from the corrupt to give to the needy. Maybe a little good can wash the blood from my hands.

It seems like a decent plan… until I try to help a dying noblewoman and somehow steal her soul instead.

Now her ghost is demanding I take up the quest that got her killed: exposing a conspiracy at the royal college to unleash a deadly power on the entire kingdom.

Do I want to infiltrate the cutthroat world of haughty elites? Gods, no. But if I can save the kingdom, I could save my own soul too.

So I’ll pose as a refined lady, attending their classes and fancy balls, sneaking and spying like I learned on the streets. But I can’t tackle this threat alone. I’ll need to win the trust of the dead woman’s allies: four arrogant noblemen.

Four damaged yet dangerously enticing men. No matter what they stir in my heart, I can’t afford to let them get too close.

Because if they discover the monstrous things I’m capable of, saving my soul will be the least of my worries…

*Thief of Silver and Souls is the first in a new fantasy romance series full of forbidden magic, impossible love, hot damaged men, and a rebellious heroine who’s so much more than she imagines.*


Casimir snaps his fingers. “Stav, you were about to put out a call for a new assistant. Take Ivy on. That gives her every excuse to roam the college.”

I open my mouth to protest, but the former general beats me to it. “Hold on a second. I need an assistant who can actually assist, not some scrawny Slaughterwell street rat.”

Just like that, I’m bristling. “I’ll have you know I could have stabbed you a dozen times already if I wasn’t being nice.”

Stavros snorts. “Maybe you’d like to think so.”

If he had any idea the men twice my size I’ve had to fend off, the aim and reflexes I’ve spent years honing. He’s faced the danger of warfare, sure, but he has no clue what it’s like battling just to stay alive when you have nothing.

Er, Ivy… Julita says. You do remember he’s one of the most celebrated soldiers in the kingdom, right?

Oh, I haven’t forgotten for a second.

“You want to try me?” I retort, my fingers itching for my nearest knife.

A gleam feral enough to be unnerving lights in Stavros’s eyes. “Really? If you insist, I suppose a very brief demonstration could set the matter to rest for everyone. Let’s see you strip first.”

My jaw drops. “Excuse me?”

He flicks his hand to indicate my dress. “No one can fight at their best in a gown. And if we’re doing this, I want to have a look at what kind of muscle you’re working with. So, strip.”

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