They Call me Beast


Now that I’ve claimed my wolf, my clan, and my kingdom, it’s only a matter of time before the slave trade crumbles.

My mates want me to be their Queen. The Wilds want me as their Alpha. While fate has preordained one, the other is a lie I’ll never tell. But when my mates finally learn where my power comes from, I’m left with only three.

Nor, the large, jovial man suffering in silence.
Ronan, the stoic sweetheart who can make my skin flame with a single look.
Oberyn, the trickster psycho whose sole purpose in life is to see me smile… even if that means slaughtering our enemies on my behalf.

Heartbroken over a fiery beta who can’t handle the truth of what I am, I won’t let his rejection stop me from destroying my enemies and taking back what’s mine. Only, the slavers aren’t ready to roll over and play dead just yet. It seems I have my work cut out for me.

With an old enemy looming, I’m running out of options. If I don’t finish this soon, I might never see my baby brother again.

But what am I willing to give up to do what’s right? Would I sacrifice the men I’ve grown so attached to in order to save my people, or will I give up everything I’ve built for love?


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