Welcome to Fairy.

The Wintertide Celebration is upon us and all the representatives from the different Courts have arrived to hear whom the young queen Iclyn has chosen for her new consort. The palace is abuzz with excitement for the queen to finally pick another consort to fill her harem. This year the Summer Court has even sent one of their princes to the assembly. Why is he here? Could he or his family, be trying to dissuade the young royal from her duties? Will she succumb to his charms that might all be a facade?

With her attention elsewhere, the whispers of the court all but forgotten and not on her choice of new consort. She plans to run off to have some fun in the earthly realm to find this year’s returning changelings – the mischievous twins that once brought her joy in her youth before they were taken away and replaced with humans by the hobgoblins. She knows how important it is to bring back their lost and stolen children; to keep the fairy line, along with the magic of their world going.

Does Iclyn have something up her sleeve with her strange behavior? She could have sent someone else to retrieve the twins, but instead, she goes alone. Leaving the line of men that were set before her to choose from, to wait idly for her to return. Will they still want her after this?

You’re invited to our favorite gathering this time of year, so step inside the Fairy circle and join us at the Winter Court.


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