The end is here.

From the land to the sea, our realm degrades, proving the foretellings prophesied. Soon, the beings of Ceteris will cease to exist, no matter their status or race.

Powerful queens, fallen angels, fierce giants, and hungry demons alike will be taken by the Krisis.

Our eternal punishment will finally end.
But so will everything good that came with it.


Yet, despite our already limited moments, someone — something — is determined to worsen our suffering by stealing what few moon rises and sunsets we have left.

They did not take into consideration my penchant for breaking the rules, though. Determined to make as many more memories with my men as possible — to experience just a few more sunsets entwined — I intend on reclaiming every stolen second.

If it is the very last thing I do before the lick of flames consumes us…

The Fallen will rise.


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