They think they can break me, scare me away. But they’ve never seen power like mine or met a girl like me. They can’t break me – I’m already broken!

After serving my sentence in Dark Vaults Juvenile Correctional Centre for a bullsh*t crime I didn’t commit, imagine my surprise when I snag a fancy ass invitation to one of the most prestigious schools’ in the kingdoms – Divinos Academy.

Being neither a royal nor one of society’s elites, paints a target on my back but I’m used to that. What I didn’t expect is the three royals gunning for my head, doing anything they can to throw me back in the gutter. But these guys don’t know who they’re messing with and I’m not leaving until I’ve found what I came here for. If these royal pricks want to play with fire then I’ll happily ignite the flame!

With the help from my irresistibly tempting spells and potions professor, this place could be the key to unlocking my father’s secrets and nothing and no one will get in my way.

There’s a dark presence, lurking in the shadows, watching and waiting for their moment to attack. I survived magical prison, I can survive Divinos Academy, right?


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