The unf**k*ble preacher’s daughter. Four devastatingly handsome windsurfing champions. And the game that changed their lives forever.

Back in school Ausra acted the good girl, with her conservative clothes and her head always down. Everyone laughed at her, even the four popular brothers. She hated them for it. But high school is over, and when they meet again, a lot of things have changed, including Ausra. The brothers hardly recognize her. Yet, the brothers still love a challenge and whoever she is, she’s perfect for their game. The rules are simple: their plaything needs to know what she’s in for and needs to agree to play. Will this transformed preacher’s daughter be up for it? And what happens when more than bodies are in play? Do Ausra and the 4 beach gods stand a chance at love or will the reach of her father and his cult taint and destroy everything?


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