Betas are made for business, not pleasure.

We’re intelligent, hard-working, and unlike alphas and omegas, we’re not ruled by our hormones.

That’s how I’ve earned the title of Alpha Wrangler. No matter how much testosterone floods a boardroom, I can always rise above it and get the job done.

Which wins me the plum job of negotiating one of the biggest mergers in the country. All I need are a couple of signatures, and then I can use my bonus to buy an apartment with Kelvin, my beta assistant and best-friend-with-benefits.

But all that comes crashing down when I’m triggered by a switch.
My hidden omega nature takes over, hungry for knots, bites, and a pack of my own.

I always thought switches were an urban myth. But the guy who triggers me is part of the merger deal, and I’m suddenly hot and needy for my billionaire bosses, a royal omega, and my best friend…

I just have to remind myself this is a heat of convenience.

I’m here to do a job – and so are they.

So why does it feel like a mind-blowing merger is on the table?

The Omega Merger is a standalone in the Billionaires in Heat series.
❤️ Omegaverse (reverse harem)
❤️ Sweet angst
❤️ Designation switch
❤️ Billionaire bosses
❤️ Steam, steam, steam!




Ms. Maddie Dove.

I roll the name around in my head as I cross the restaurant, my hand stroking the tip of my cock through my trousers. It’s mostly soft again, thank God, since I’m not exactly underendowed, and I don’t feel like punching a hole through the fabric of my thousand-dollar suit. But I can feel the blood still pumping in my groin and know it won’t take much for me to be at full mast again. Just thinking of what I heard on the other side of that restroom door is enough to make me groan.

I’d been mildly amused when I realised the quiet moment I was taking to get over my lingering jetlag was about to be interrupted by an epic blowjob. The were clearly friends with bonuses, but I hadn’t expected the affection in their voices to turn so erotic. The woman – Maddie – was mostly silent, and for good reason when I peeked through the gap in the stall door and saw the size of the cock she was swallowing. But the guy – Kelvin Williams – was vocal in the best way. Those hungry, greedy moans… Delicious. And then he’d asked her to show him his cum and she’d stuck out her tongue with a proud smile. I’d barely got my dick out of my pants before I was blowing down the toilet.

“Griffin.” Speaking of sexy sounds, Alain has a way of saying my name that makes my toes curl in my shoes, but I keep my professional smile in place. Reaching out, I clasp his hand, shivering as his fingers stroke my palm. “Hope the jetlag isn’t too bad.”

Nothing a blowjob in the bathroom wouldn’t fix, my love.

But instead of dragging him out of his chair by his perfectly-tailored lapels, I shake my head. “All good.” I look down the table at the two stony-faced McCauley twins. Clearly, they’ve received the updated memo with Alain’s new demands for the merger. “I must say, whoever chose this restaurant should be commended. The facilities really are delightful.”

Alain cocks a brow at me, but the McCauleys just grunt and exchange a manly sneer.

I don’t take it personally. I know how I come across to alphas, especially ones who think they’re on the extreme end of the masculinity scale. I’m pretty and neat, with flawless skin, and a snooty English accent. Old-fashioned imperialism in a soft omega body.

Only right now I’m giving off pheromones as potent as any alpha.

Which really does twist their heads.

I grin as I slide into my seat, watching the masculine twins breathe me in and frown. They no doubt know me from the society pages as Alain Constantin’s omega, and probably think I’m using some kind of hormone enhancer to scent this way. There are plenty on the market, giving betas an alpha edge until their bodies reject the supplement. But this isn’t a chemical gimmick. In designation terms, I’m know as a switch. I’m an omega ninety percent of the time, but if I’m triggered, I swing to alpha. Insanely rare, the phenomenon is considered an urban myth in a lot of countries. And thankfully, the triggering process requires certain variables to be in place, so I’ve only publicly switched three times in my life.

Four times, I correct myself as my gaze swings to the other man at the table. Kelvin Williams is pretty much ignoring me, his gaze locked on Alain. And if looks could kill…

“Let’s go kick that French Menace in his uptight arsehole.”

If he wasn’t talking about the love of my life, I’d probably cheer Kelvin on. I flicked through his file on the plane, and while he looks like an alpha, he’s classified as a beta. A geologist by trade, he’s working towards his MBA. Twenty-seven, from a family of miners, he’s been Maddie Dove’s assistant and roommate for nearly a year. Based on what I overheard, he’s passionate about the industry and obviously doesn’t want to see anyone put out by our planned innovations. But progress is a demanding bitch. And change either comes silently in the night, creeping up on you like a thief, or it runs you over like a steamroller in the middle of the street.

Adapt or die.

A concept no doubt familiar to Ms. Maddie Dove, because there’s only the faintest sour note in her scent as she joins us. She must have seen me from across the room and yet she didn’t run. I admire her for that, and quickly get back to my feet. It’s only good manners, but I’m hoping she’ll go through the charade of a handshake so I get to breathe her in some more. But her gaze settles firmly on Kelvin, and I hear an echo of his words, thick with passion and gratitude: No one takes care of me like you do, beautiful.

From the frosty glare she swings my way, I don’t doubt it. She must think I’ve tattled on them, and all her protective instincts are firing. Little does she know I’ve done a lot worse than call out her bathroom antics.

The truth is, switches trigger other switches. Stress, danger, and arousal all make it more likely, but a true switch in designation only occurs when another switch is in close proximity. Which mean my little interlude just now has uncovered a dormant designation in either Maddie Dove or her adoring assistant. The obvious answer is that the brutal-looking Kelvin has a hidden alpha gene. But I’m not so certain. The woman in front of me with her dominant glare and omega curves is a true enigma.

“Griffin Ashwood,” I tell her, reluctantly returning to my seat and extending the greeting to the rest of the table. I’ve met the twins briefly by VC, but never spoken to them in person. “I’m Mr. Constantin’s business adviser.”

“And closest confidente,” my boss and mate adds, rolling the word in the French way. His accent is thicker, his eyes slightly hooded as he watches me. He can no doubt smell my switch, which always affects him like this. I’m certain if this deal wasn’t so important to him, we would have skipped dinner altogether and he’d be fighting to bend me over the nearest flat surface. I’ve been in London for the last month while he’s been in New York, and I know how eager he is to get his hands on me. He loves my omega nature, but there’s something about my hidden alpha traits that sends him wild. “It’s been a long day, so we won’t draw this out.” His tongue touches his bottom lip, but then he looks back at the scowling twins. “Might I suggest we just stick to entrees and pick this up again in the morning?”

“No need to eat,” Ryan says abruptly, getting to his feet. “And I can’t see much changing by breakfast.”

“Just read the plan,” Alain tells him calmly. “It’s not as dire as you think.”

Maddie clears her throat, her gaze on Lucas. She looks poised and in control, but there’s a cautious light in her eyes as she watches the darker McCaulay twin. “Perhaps we should take a day to think things through…”

“Or we could introduce you to our team,” I say smoothly, biting back a smile when she bristles at my interruption. “They’ve all done this before. Many times. They are here to support your people in every way, and I’m certain you’ll feel a lot more confident about the changes once you’ve spoken with them.”

Ryan doesn’t look impressed, but he defers to his brother. Lucas McCauley studies me for a moment then says, “How many?”

“The core team is six. Either way, you should meet Veronica Stillwell. She’s our top project manager and would oversee most of the change.”

“Is she part of your pack?” Lucas asks, sounding sceptical.

“No, she has her own pack in New York. But we’ve worked closely together for a long time and I highly recommend her.” I can tell Alain is avoiding Maddie’s eyes as he adds, “In fact, I think it’s best if she takes over negotiations from here on. Not to suggest Ms. Dove hasn’t done a good job, but Veronica has years of experience working with companies around the globe. And she’ll be leading the change after the merger, so this would give her a head start.”

All eyes swing Maddie’s way, but Kelvin is on his feet so fast, his chair hits the glass window. Combined with the aggression rolling off him, the noise makes every alpha in the room sit up and take notice. But his focus is totally on Maddie. “I think that’s a conversation for our boss. Come on, Maddie. Let’s get some fresh air.”

Maddie looks stunned, her professional demeanour stripped away as she blinks at us. My chest gives a savage pinch and I scowl at Alain. Fuck. She must think I told him about the bathroom blowjob, and that’s why she’s being kicked to the curb.

I expect her glare, but her beautiful blue eyes brush right over me before she settles on Lucas. “I think that’s probably best, Mr. McCauley. We’ll touch base in the morning to see if we still need to come in.” She reaches out and shakes his hand, barely nodding to the rest of us before she leaves the table.

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