Alphas are built to never give in.

We’re dominant, disciplined, and driven to win at all costs.

Or at least that’s the motto of the elite alpha academy where I work. My probation is around the corner and the headmaster has already warned me I don’t fit in. And he’s right. But I need this job to prove to my family and my ex that they can’t push me around anymore.

Falling for my student is a dangerous complication. But Mattie is a burst of sunshine in my dreary life. Just one smile from him, and I want to be the best alpha I can be.

Until his older brother catches us in the act and I’m triggered by a switch. My hidden omega nature takes over, hungry for the pack I never had.

But the guys who help me through my heat have pack issues of their own. They’re rich, powerful, and used to getting what they want. Perfect alphas, except they’re haunted by a past they can’t escape.

I have to remind myself that complicating my life is dangerous.

I have responsibilities – and that shouldn’t change because of one mind-blowing heat.

So why do I want to teach them that the greatest strength is letting go?

This is the second steamy book in the Billionaires in Heat world but can be read as a standalone. It includes all the omegaverse delights of pack bonds, bites, messy heats, alpha knots, and locks. There are NO shifters in this story, but there are tropes of a single mum/protective pack, and a teacher/student relationship.


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