Kiss me or kill me?

All my life, I’ve been fascinated by stories about gods and the mortals they treated like toys.

Now I’m at Oxford University with a newly acquired doctorate, and I’m making a career out of my childhood obsession. There, among medieval buildings and famous libraries, I meet five men who have names right out of Greek mythology.

Achilles. Hector. Paris. Pollux. Orestes.

I’m drawn to them, not only because of their names, but by the passion they try to hide.

And the way our fates seem inexplicably linked.

Turns out, I’ve uncovered an ancient artifact that could do more than just turn the academic world on its head. It’s the key to releasing a pantheon of angry gods who’ve had millennia to plot their revenge. And it’s the reason these legends have emerged from the shadows.

Five men who were once princes, generals, and tragic heroes have vowed to stop at nothing to prevent the world from descending into chaos again. Even if it means ignoring the growing passion between us and wiping me off the face of the earth.


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