The Masks

Zero, Nought, Nothing.
We stole her away. We took her name, her identity… her life.
She was our revenge. An eye for an eye.
Only she became more than that.
She fought against our darkest desires.
She shone a light on our pitch black souls.
She became our mirror.
She made us see.
And what do monsters do when they stare at their reflection?
They break the fu*king glass.

The Dancer

Konrad, Leon, Jakub.
They kidnapped me. They stole my name, my identity… my life.
I was their vengeance. A tooth for a tooth.
Only I was so much more than that because fate had plans for us.
They used and abused me, they degraded and humiliated me.
But I fought back.
I held up the mirror. I made them see the men they’ve become.
Only for them to shatter it into a million pieces.
And what does a girl like me do to the men who break her?
She cuts the b*stards and makes them feel.


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