Chosen by the crown, Meri ascends to the throne, becoming Queen of the Light Fae, a kingdom full of adversaries and hidden agendas. Guided by Solandis’ unwavering support, she must deftly navigate the intricacies of the Fae court and carve out a path toward a more enlightened future. But when long-buried secrets, including a traitorous conspiracy from the past, emerges, the Light Fae Kingdom finds itself teetering precariously on the brink of rebellion.

Four enigmatic men, each with their own complicated pasts, become an integral part of Meri’s life, but not all of them are who they seem to be. Meri struggles with who to trust—not only with her heart, but her kingdom.

As tensions escalate between the aristocratic light Fae and Lesser Fae, Meri makes a bold move. Will her daring plan work or will the light Fae be engulfed in an all-out war?


The woman in the mirror looks like a queen, but she is a beautiful fraud.

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