They’re guarding her body. She’s guarding her heart.

After thirty years of cruel captivity in Verdan, Haven convinces the new, magic-wielding queen of neighboring Rimholt to allow her to open a school. It’s everything she’d hoped.
Except the school is an abandoned brothel.
The students are tiny criminal masterminds.
And she’s living with three sexy King’s Guards assigned to protect her from kidnappers and assassins.

Now Haven is living the dream, but she’s distracted by new fantasies that involve not one, but all three guards: the gentle, red-bearded captain who can’t walk; the young, amateur poet who keeps peeking in her windows; even the brooding jerk with the dark, dangerous secret.
But Haven has a secret of her own, and when it’s exposed, she has to make a choice. Fight for her freedom and risk discovery of her own hidden magic? Or crawl back into the safety of a cage she’ll never escape?

If she lets down her guard, they all might pay with their lives.



It was reckless, what I was doing—what we were doing—right now. And until my fall, I
had been known as one of the most careful officers in the history of the King’s Guard. Surprises
were what got a man killed, after all… and had gotten me thrown out a window and ruined me.
But as Haven stared into my face, her shimmering eyes hazed with passion, I knew she
didn’t see me as ruined. In her sight, I was a man. One she wanted.
And even if I never had the chance to spend another hour in her presence, I would spend
this one showing her how a man treated a woman he wanted more than life itself. And how a
woman like her should be worshiped.
“Pull up your gown, darling,” I told her, wishing I could do it, but I was strapped in the
chair. I loosened the binding that held my waist so I could lean forward for what I had planned,
and waited for the shooting pain that usually followed that sort of movement, but none came.
She blushed as she followed my instructions, and I whistled low as she revealed a
gorgeous mound topped with short golden curls. The scent of heated cinnamon that arose was so
strong, there was no mistaking it was coming from her.
“Goddess, thank you,” I said, pushing my chair up to her. I lodged one of my shoes behind
the front wheel, making a mental note to ask Niko to figure out some sort of brake.
For some reason, Haven put her hands over the swell of her stomach, like she was trying to
hide parts of herself from me… but not the parts I would expect, the ones I was planning to
Her cheeks were pink, and she turned her head to the side. “I’m not thin,” she began, and I
“Damn good thing, too.” I grasped her soft, full thighs in my broad hands, and spread them
wide. “You’d be less than perfect.” Her hands flew out to catch herself on the edges of the table,
and she gasped. I rubbed my beard on the delicate insides of her upper thighs, making her giggle.
“Shh,” I admonished, squeezing handfuls of her silky skin in between my fingers. “Sweet

Goddess, I’ve never seen a sight more stunning in my life.” The time for words was over,
though. I pulled her slightly toward the edge of the table, and bent my head to taste her.
Fucking hell. Her pussy tasted like frosted cinnamon rolls. I lapped and slurped at her with
my tongue, all thoughts of technique and finesse gone the instant I got my first mouthful of her.
She moaned and quivered, and I apologized into her mound as I nibbled and
sucked—fuck!—even chewed at her plump clit that rose like a pink candy waiting to be
“Sorry, can’t go slow, darling. You’re so delicious,” I mumbled around her swollen lips,
unwilling to take my mouth off her even for a breath. “Such a good girl, so wet for me.” I
suckled and hummed against her swollen nub.
Her legs began to shake as I traced designs around her, running my fingers up and down
her sopping slit, spreading her honeyed slick around the entire area. I let my head drop an inch
lower and drank it, swallowed it as it trickled out of her channel.
“Don’t want to waste it,” I said, mostly to myself. “Fucking drink every drop of you.”
Then I returned to her clit, letting my fingers play at her opening, relishing the wet,
obscene sounds that rose from where my mouth and hands touched her flesh. Slowly I pushed
one finger into her, finding it tighter than I had expected. Far tighter. When I fucked her, that
might prove difficult. I’d need to make certain she was ready.
I almost stopped, realizing what I had just thought—when, not if. My cock still worked. If
she was on top, I could hold her up, lower her slowly onto me…
“Graham,” she whined. “Don’t stop.”
“Ah, lass.” I pushed away the vision of her riding me, leaning down so I could leave my
mating mark on her throat, the wide Alpha’s knot at the base of my cock swollen and lodged

inside her while she came. That was a dream; this was the present. “You need to come, do you?
Want to gush all over my beard?”
Her head moved, and she panted out a “Yes.”
“Are you going to be a good girl, sweet Haven, and stay quiet as you can while I take you
over the edge? Can you do that, darling? Can you come hard, all over me, drench me in your
juice, but not cry out?” I ran my fingers around the outside of her slit, tracing the hills and
valleys of soft, wet flesh.
“Yes, please,” she moaned. “I’ll be quiet. Just… let me…”
“Hmm,” I teased, circling her clit slowly, drawing out the moment. She was practically
vibrating with the need to come, and biting her lip to stifle her sobs of pleasure. “What a
wonderful, good girl you are,” I said, repeating the words each time I circled. “Perfect, sweet
girl. Come for your Alpha.”
I worked my finger in and out of her narrow channel, stretching her. It felt almost as if
some part of her was blooming, opening, a bit more with every gentle thrust. At last, the
tightness eased, and I felt the slight change in texture in her inner walls, telling me I had reached
a very good spot indeed. She jumped, as if she’d been shocked, and started shaking. I set my
mouth to her again, and suckled gently, then harder, still pressing my finger into her, and she let
out a soft, keening cry as she came apart. I gentled her through it, taking in every gorgeous arch
of her back, the flush of pink all over her exposed skin, until she relaxed back onto the table.
“That was wonderful,” she murmured. “It’s never felt like that before.” Her eyes, shy now,
met mine again as I wiped my forearm over my beard. “Do you… Do you want me to return the

I let my hunger for her show in my gaze, and licked my lips. “Sweetheart, that was only
the appetizer. A man needs more than one bite when he sits down to a feast like this.”

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