One spunky heroine, four magical men… how could this dream possibly go wrong?

I dream of moving to the beach permanently. I don’t care that with my fair skin and freckles I’ll burn in a heartbeat. I want warmth and sun.

Instead, I’ve got Chicago. And it’s winter.

But then I slip on some ice and fall onto a sun-soaked tropical beach, surrounded by four attractive men. I have to be dreaming… or suffering from the world’s most bizarre concussion.

Of course then things take an even stranger turn. I develop magical powers, and the men, Delphon, Rion, Aethan, and Keph, start worshiping me as a goddess. Which is great and all, until I manage to find my way back to Chicago and they insist on tagging along.

With their unusual magical traits and lack of understanding of my world, they stick out like sore thumbs in the Windy City, and I start to question whether their affection is worth their — many, sizable — benefits.

But the trouble with the guys fitting into my world is nothing compared to what comes next and soon I’m forced to battle otherworldly foes and ancient gods, using the newfound powers that I never asked for.


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