As priests, we are meant to obey – but our duties are to our gods, not mere men.

Zeal is back, and he’s seen by more people every day. The God of Temptation grows stronger, but High Priest Kinen has found the one thing that can stop a god: disbelief. The return of our gods means an end to his power.

And Kinen isn’t ready to lose.

Over time, the priests of our temple have surrendered their power in the name of our god. We’re trained to obey, to help, and to be Zeal’s tools when he cannot help himself – and now that has become a problem.

Because power is given, never taken, and we have surrendered far too much. It’s time for things to change, before our complacency destroys our gods. And yet, habits are such hard things to break.

What we need is a rebellion – and I’m going to start it.

Our gods never expected blind obedience, so it’s time to give into the temptation to fight back. But will the price for this be more than I can pay? I just can’t believe this is what my path was meant for – or is this all just a game between gods and men? Because we, the Priests of Temptation, have been betrayed.

I have prayed.
I have obeyed.
Now I’m doing it my way.


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