I sold my soul to the Don of the Underworld. And now, I’m stuck in his penthouse. 

That would all be well and good, except he — Grey — doesn’t want me here and has stormed off.

Which is kind of immature if you ask me.

So, here I am. Alone in Hell.

Well, alone, except for…

A serpent-haired gorgon on a mirror, who is, actually, quite nice. 

A gargantuan caterpillar who can’t seem to stop eating.

And an elevator that refuses to let me leave the building.

Not to mention — but I will, anyway — I’m covered in gold dust from one of Aroz’s love arrows, which would’ve hit me if Grey hadn’t whisked me Down Under. 

Meaning the other Down Under. — Not Australia.

It didn’t work, of course. The love arrow, that is.

Because I am definitely not in love with that self-proclaimed A-hole of the Underworld, even if I can’t stop dreaming about the guy…god, whatever. And all his sexy body parts.

Meanwhile, my gentleman, Raef, is stuck on earth — with my mother, my brother, and an awful lot to explain to do.

Life shouldn’t be this complicated.

Especially, when you’re dead…


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