We’re tempted to play games, thinking they will give us more power – but that only works if we win.

After spending the holidays with my guardian’s family, it seems that everyone in the temple has the wrong idea. The Baron isn’t my patron. He’s not even a friend. In truth, I hate the man.

But the rumor mill is strong, and jealousy is running rampant.

This is all just one more excuse for my instructors to hold me back, lower my grades, and try to force me to choose one path. I can’t! My god needs me to save him, and the Path of Temptation gives me the power to do that.

Except that I’m drowning in the pressure, feeling like I’m failing my god. I need to make people believe in him, but how can I do that when I can’t believe in myself? All these mind games are starting to pile up, and it’s tearing me apart.

But Zeal is getting stronger.

That’s enough to keep me going. No matter how hard they try to push me down, I’ll just keep fighting back, learning to play this game better each time. I will not become the victim here, because I’m not doing this alone. My lovers will always stand with me.

But this is not a game.
If we fail, we’ll lose everything –
Including each other.


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