The Frost Touched Queen


“The king is dead. Long live the Winter Queen in the North!”

Unfortunately, those jubilant shouted-out wishes over my role as Queen of the Kingdom of Aikyam were short-lived.
All because of them.
King Levi in the East.
King Teodoro in the South.
And the rebel king in the West, Atlas.
These pesky kings are making me look bad before my people. Each one determined to terrorize the peace in their own particular annoying way.
It seems like the old habits of our shared youth are hard to break, as they insist on toying with me even after all these years apart.
Is their memory so fickle that they forgot I always ended up winning whatever dare they threw my way?
It comes down to me to remind them who truly deserves the crown on her head.
They want to play games?
Then what better prize than a seat beside me on the throne?
While they are busy tearing each other apart, limb from limb, with the prospect of marriage, I’ll spend my time finding out why the boys who used to be my dearest friends and confidants are now my sworn enemies.
If I don’t like the answers I find, it’s not a crown they’ll end up earning—but the piercing feel of cold steel running through their very hearts.
Make no mistake.
There can only be one ruler in this kingdom—me.

Three kings will fight to win the Winter Queen’s cold heart.
Will any succeed in thawing her icy built-up walls?
Or will the frost kiss of death be in their immediate future?
Only one way to find out.


Nothing survives winter land.

Flowers cannot bloom, nor can they flourish in the bare frozen earth.

Rivers refuse to run downstream, preferring to turn to stone, ensuring they trap the life that swims underneath.

All that was, is, or could be, is shrouded under a cloak of white snow, patiently waiting for the swallow’s song to return and breathe life back into them.

All but one waits for such blessed tidings.

For there is one soul that thrives among the harsh winds of winter.

Frost chills the blood in her veins, while a crown made of icicles is placed on top of her royal head.

She is the queen of the north, ruler of all the kingdoms.

To her, men must bend the knee, or suffer damnation.

For fire is not the only weapon used to burn one’s enemies down.

Ice can be just as lethal.

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