Sometimes, we do unforgivable things… just to survive.

Who — or what — I am is a mystery, where I came from an enigma. All I know is I fell from the sky.

In this strange land, only a select few females exist, one per thousands upon thousands of males — including the male who fell right alongside me.

He’s different, though…

My Fallen companion may hold the key to unlocking the long lost memories trapped in the recesses of my mind, or maybe he is the reason I want to forget. One thing is for certain: I’m determined to find out.

In this beautifully dangerous land, full of sin and submission, men are mine for the taking, and mortals are my prey.

Problem is, I’m not sure I’m cut out for the dark and twisted role this place demands.


“An interesting twist on the idea of fallen angels and a world in which they can live and how they live. The idea of feeding on sins as a way to live is interesting and one that I have not come across in all the books that I have read with fallen angel characters.” – Amazon Reviewer


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