The devil is in the details. At least, that’s what I, alternative clothing store owner and animal activist, Ella Devlin, have always believed. What should’ve been a simple B&E into the corrupt kill shelter to release all the animals, turns out to be not as simple as I imagined. Everything becomes a bit spotty.Not only do I now have a pregnant Dalmatian refusing to leave my side, but I’m also facing the wrath of the shelters owners, Nita and Robert Darling, who will stop at nothing to retrieve every last animal released.I can’t let that happen. I may have grown up with the label of the heartless bitch, since I’ve never had the best of attitudes and tended to avoid people like the plague. But no one has ever gotten to see the real me hiding beneath. With the help of my hot—yet womanizing—partner in crime, Theo, and my sinfully, sexy exs, Luca and Rollins, who run the animal sanctuary that’s aiding me, maybe I can succeed in stopping them. And in the process, show the world that just because the word Cruel is on my clothes, doesn’t mean it’s on my heart.


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