“How do you explain the impossible… to the extraordinary?”
Meet Tessa Marie
The most brilliant prodigy of her generation.
She started reading novels at the tender age of 3 and practicing geometric and algebraic equations only 3 years later.
She was on track to be accepted into one of the most prestigious schools for gifted students in the nation.

Until the accident.

Ever since her mother’s death, Tessa Marie’s life hasn’t been the same.
That fateful car accident haunts her nightmares when she sleeps. And when she wakes she’s reminded of how she barely escaped death every time she looks in the mirror and sees the unsightly metal plate embedded in her head.

Tessa has never felt more like a social outcast.

With the loss of hearing in one ear and her father’s inability to work, Tessa remains in her hometown, attending community college and supporting her disabled father.

But Tessa is destined for greatness outside the restricting walls of her small town.

For something extraordinary awaits her in the form of 3 professors…who aren’t at all what they appear to be…


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