Everyone warned me to stay away from the Devils, but it’s not easy when one of them is going to become my stepbrother…

Desperation sends me and my mom to the prestigious university of Verona Falls.
My mom is due to marry the principal—not because she wants to, but because we have no choice.
That’s when I meet the principal’s son, Domenic, and his friends, Kirill and Valentino.
The three of them make up the Devils—the most feared group at Verona Falls—and they intend to make my life hell.
They call me ‘Duchess’, but it’s with a sneer. I’m poor and they’re not. They hate that I refuse to bow to them.
They might think they can make my life not worth living, but they don’t know my secrets. My life has already been harder than they have any idea about.
They control me and get under my skin, but I have to keep quiet or I’ll ruin everything.
I’ve become their obsession…and they plan to destroy me.
But they don’t know what I’m capable of.


“You filmed me?” I turn to Tino, trying to ignore Dom. “That’s sick.”

Valentino shakes his head. “No, it’s not. Look how beautiful you are.”

“Fuck you. It’s a crime. Literally. You committed a criminal offense.”

They all look at one another and then Tino and Kirill burst out laughing.

Kirill sighs. “You have killed my orgasm.” He tucks himself away. “Good one though.” He mimics me “You committed a criminal offense. You almost sounded like an upstanding citizen then.”

“I am an upstanding citizen,” I reply, though my stomach knots. That’s a lie. I’m a killer. A murderer. If only they knew… Maybe if they did these fuckers might treat me with a little bit more respect. For a brief, glorious moment, I teeter on the edge of telling them, but then I remember it’s Mom who will suffer if I do. So instead I try to give them a stern look. “What are you all doing? Have you lost your minds? You’re disgusting. Perverts. Sickos.”

“Weirdos.” Dom says, taking a pace toward me.

“Troublemakers,” Tino adds and steps nearer too.

“Freaks,” Kirill says and pushes off the sofa, heading toward me.

Devils,” Dom whispers.

I shiver and realize something belatedly. These men aren’t normal students. They aren’t good guys. Or even slightly bad guys pretending to be good. They’re flat out psychopaths and I’m alone in a room with all three of them.

I edge back toward the door, though I’m conscious that Valentino blocks the way.

“Are you going to run?” Kirill asks me.

The way he asks that question makes me want to throw up. So casually interested as if I’m a science experiment.

“What if I am?” I try to keep my voice from shaking.

“We’d like that,” Tino says. “We like to chase pretty things.”

Oh, God, are they going to kill me?

I recall the words of the boy in the hallway; they like to break their toys.

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