Even my status as the Orazio heir to the shadowy underworld of Greenich Bay couldn’t shield me from heartbreak. Jesse, Logan, and Briar, the ones I trusted most, shattered me after five years of love. No proposal, just betrayal. Vengeance drove me into the arms of my ex-fiancé, a rival crime family scion. Let them see how quickly I can move on. They don’t need to know that our arrangement is fake.

But with my life in danger, I am forced to rely on them again. They use the opportunity to beg for my forgiveness. But the pain from their betrayal still smolders. How can one mend a scorched heart?

We made a desperate, last ditch decision that severed us from our soulmate. Dark secrets drove us to wound the women we cherished. Now, we must confront our past to secure our future. When Adelaide becomes a target of a ruthless enemy, determined to end her life, we won’t stop until we earn her back.

Healing a burnt heart is never easy, but our unwavering devotion burns hotter than ever.


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