I reunited the God of Lust with his alter ego. And now, he’s mine forever. Or at least, until his mother finds out…

In the meantime, she — read mommy dearest — has handed me a box and demanded I fill it with eternal beauty.

Of course, there’s a catch…

The only place to get this nebulous substance is from a sacred goddess — read grumpy old crone — who lives atop the highest mountain in…Yeah, you guessed it.


That’s the tar pit place where only the tainted — read criminals — go.

Unfortunately, I’ve got to go there, too.

But I won’t be alone…

My gentleman, Raef, has arrived — although, I really wish he’d left his delicate mortal soul safely at home.

My good friend, Gorgonita, is coming because you never know when you’ll need someone turned to stone.

Hopefully, the right someone!

And my “prettiest kittiest” chameleon moth, PK, will not be left behind.

You’d think I had enough to worry about with these three tagging along, but…

My Underworld god, Grey, is stuck in the Overworld until he settles his contract with Dorian — read idiot.

And my lusty love god, Aroz, went to meet his mother and hasn’t been seen since.

I’m seriously going to need a facial when this adventure is over.

Unless I sneak a quick peek into that box of beauty…

Or maybe not.

The Box is a hot and steamy novel and the final story in the Her Three Immortals series.

**Warning: contains sexual situations and explicit language.


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