I won the heart of the God of the Underworld. Now, I have to deal with his mother…

Who happens to be Queen. And she isn’t very happy. With me.

So, she sends me on a mission — read suicide mission — to collect a sample from the Waterfall of Youth, which is at the top of a high-rise owned by my gentleman, Raef.

I arrive butt naked, of course.

The good news is, I’m invisible, thanks to my new set of “wings.”

The bad news is, Aroz — God of Lust — and his immortal mother can see me.

My mission seems to be going according to plan until Aroz whisks me off to his invisible palace — read high-rise — in the clouds.

Why? I have no idea.

But when I find a poor soul who needs rescuing from a dismal prison cell, how can I resist?

Meanwhile, I wait for my knights-in-shining-armor to come rescue me from Aroz — read Beast — but I get this really bad feeling I might be waiting a long time.

Playing Beauty might look good on paper.

Not so much when my Beast is a total PITA.


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