“We’re born as wolves, we die as wolves, but the night of your ascension you will find your place.”

The Blackall Pack had been showing me my place since the day Dad, my brother Max and I arrived. I’m a weak wolf. The weakest in the pack. And everyone, aside from my family and King, have no problem reminding me of my place. Constantly.

And if that wasn’t enough, when I ascend early, I don’t rise as expected. So I do the only thing I can think of. Run.

Bad right? No, it gets worse.

A witch spells me, before tricking me completely. She turns me into a Bone Wolf. And under the Blood Moon I utter the worst words possible to another wolf. So what do I do? I run, again.

Somehow I end up with a crazy BFF, a mysterious wolf that keeps saving me from impossible situations, and a mate that won’t take no for an answer. Now I just have to find a pack that won’t kill me on sight.


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