For so long I have had a yearning, a hunger.

It keeps me awake at night. It takes me away from my pack. It makes me lie to my brother.

It steers me into the dangerous and vicious world of the vampires. And only then do I start to feel alive.

Four Houses run everything. House Duomo use their power and money to take whatever they want; House Filippe encourage and feed your darkest desires; House Calmet will protect you with one hand and kill you with the other; while House Vespussi can get rid of anything for you, for a price.

How did I stumble into it? I could never tell you. It happens gradually, one deception at a time.

It’s dark. It’s gory. It’s fraught with complex relationships and vengeful games that span years.

Yet after everything that happens; all the pain, the terror, the anger, the obliteration of my life, I know I wouldn’t change a thing.

Even if I tried, I couldn’t.

It’s not my war to fight, but my heart will be it’s first casualty. My name is Faryn, and this is my story.


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